Friday, July 24, 2009

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I found this novel very confusing initially since so many characters were introduced and names and places were unfamiliar to me, being Swedish. I"m sure those of you who also read this book found the story line moved at a very slow pace. The novel is long and the real plot doesn't actually start for quite some time. Even so, the book intriqued me right from the beginning. I liked the writing style and I just wanted to keep right on treking through. In the end I found the story enjoyable and thrilling to finish, but had I known from the beginning that there were gruesome acts of violence and murder detailed I probably would have chosen not to read it. I guess that show that sometimes you can enjoy a book that really isn't your cup of tea regularly. I will probably search and find the second book and continue to finish the series off.

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Melinda @ The Book Musings said...

I actually enjoyed this series