Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Graveyard Book

I just finished this book the other day whilest travelling. I thoroughly enjoyed the story in more ways than one. I found the novel transported my mind to a place full of imagination. The actual reading part didn't take that long as I was very curious to see what would happen next therefore the novel was close at all times - ready to soak in a few minutes here and there when I could. I would gladly recommend this, but to be honest unless your child is a good reader I might suggest waiting until he or she is older - the novel can be confusing at times and therefore requires your full attention.



jkhenson said...

I hadn't read the last few books due to summer vacation, my daughters activities and school beginning. I enjoyed the first few books and discussions and then I stopped getting the list/info so I wasn't sure what books were next-or they came in emails that I missed! I didn't know about the graveyard book or the girl with the dragon tattoo. I would love to continue again. Could someone update the reading lists? Currently, I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, which is nonfiction but very interesting! :)

mjmbecky said...

Yes and your question. I've struggled to figure out where I post my comments other than just at the end of posts here. Other than that, I've moved into a new home this summer, so the past month and a half have been beyond my control. I think once the back to school, end of summer push is over, you'll find more people back to it...I hope?

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